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. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. >>> welcome back to cnn's live continuous coverage of the george zimmerman murder trial. we're hearing testimony from the former chief of police, william lee, who was forced to resign from that position about a year ago. let's listen. >> from may of 2011 to june of 2012. >> did you say that you came out of retirement in your deposition? >> i retired from the seminole county state's office and took a position to provide training in the area of law enforcement corrections, firefighting, paramedic and emt services and a two-year degree program at each of those disciplines. >> were you then sort of recruited from the teaching position to get reactivated in
a photograph by law enforcement of george zimmerman that his face was very disfigured, particularly his nose was bloodied so that she knew what he looked like normally and that would go to the defense argument he was beaten up. >> she also said she recognized george zimmerman's voice the one screaming on the 911 tape. it prompt s the question if they are so convinced, the defense, that is their man on the tape and she's still alive unlike trayvon martin, why don't they try to recreate it, tape him screaming so we can compare and hear them both? >> reporter: you mean have him go to the very spot and issue that yell and then record and it try to play it before the jury? they have gotten one better, piers. they put together this animation use in movies like iron man that tells george zimmerman eastside of the story and those agree with zimmerman. there was a monumental battle that went on for hours over it. the judge reserved her decision but essentially, the only person who has not given their opinion and weighed in on that animation and offered insights is the dead young man who can in the ho
mark o'mara has made a decision to come after my law partner for whatever reason. the truth of the matter is, mr. o'mara and the rest of the world must understand that at a time when no one else was given justice to the martin family, my law partner was the guy who took on this crusade to get justice for trayvon martin. when the police refused to arrest him, he was the one person that believed in moving forward to try to get justice in this case, so he may not have an appreciation for it, but at least there was enough evidence there that we needed to have him arrested and have the trial we're having now. he may not have an appreciation for it at all, this is how we got to justice. >> let's turn to some of the key things that came out today. particularly the late revelation in the day that trayvon martin's toxicology report will be made public in court, which will include the fact that he had cannibis in his system, albeit a small amount of cannabis. what is your response to that. >> the law had to -- the judge had to allow it in. i think we have a situation where the defense
it played in the courtroom? does it make any sense to you? >> not really. it's sort of the law of diminishing returns now. when you have george zimmerman's mother and uncle saying those are his cries for help on that tape, i think that's okay. even if you have some close friends saying okay, you know, those were his cries. now you have everybody but the mailman saying those were his cries. i think, you know, the defense is in trouble now. because what was very effective at one point now is sort of like a joke. everyone in the courtroom and the courthouse is joking about it right now. i think they've overstepped at this point. >> we were talking about this last night about overtry thing case. do you think that's an example of overtrying the case or are there other motives? >> it's always a danger when you overplay your hand. piling on with this last witness, which you've already made the point. it's really kind of obvious what they did with this witness, and you can really very much alienate your jury if they see you're playing your hand this way and manipulating them this way.
is the question. city officials held a private session for the family to hear the tapes. city officials, not law enfo enforcement officials. why? >>> and later, for the first time three women allegedly held captive for a decade speak out and they do it on camera. you'll hear what they have to say, and you're going to see for yourself how they're doing and what they're like. >>> and then we're going to go inside the cockpit of that 777 that crashed in san francisco. so who was actually making the decisions in those final crucial second in could cultural protocol have delayed emergency procedures? it's a tough question to ask, but we're not afraid to ask it and we have an "out front" investigation. is this sports, sex, or just silly? ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your
of the tapes, correct? >> to the best of my recollection. >> was there any conversation with law enforcement before that as to how to accomplish the playing of tapes for these witnesses before it happened? >> at that point they weren't witnesses. they were parents. >> is that a no? >> police repeat the question. >> the question was whether or not you had conversation with law enforcement as to how to play the tapes to these people. you say they weren't witnesses. let's just call them people. was there conversation as to how to accomplish the playing of the tapes, yes or no? >> no. >> okay. did you and the mayor just decide on your own as to how they would be played? >> the decision was made to make them public. the purpose of showing them to the martin family so they heard it first as a courtesy to the family. >> absolutely. the courtesy and sensitivities. my focus is different than that. here is my focus. when the actual decision to make the tapes play for the martin family, was it your decision? was it the mayor's decision as to how that would occur? >> the decision was made to allow them
because law enforcement may have already testified to that but were you there when those people gave their statements to ln law enforcement? >> i wasn't there when they gave their verbal statement but i was there when they gave their written stiematements. >> you said one might have been jeremy and another one might have been jonathan. ; is that corre is that correct? >> that's what i think i remember about the names but, again, i'm just not sure. >> do you recall -- were there three people, one female and two males or any more than that who gave their verbal statements to law enforcement in your presence? >> in my presence there was a couple, a male and a female and then there was a gentleman who was by himself. . >> did you give any verbal -- except for what we've talked about so far, did you give any verbal or written statements to the police that night? >> no. but then he asked me my name and i gave to him and i gave him my phone number. >> okay. and then -- and now i think we're back to the time where you l left the area of the event, first ran into mrs. zimmerman, went back loo
to a florida state statute called the 10-20 life law. it's dubbed the "use a gun and you're done" law after a popular pfa campaign that governor jeb bush championed and signed into law back in 1999. it means that with certain crimes in the state of florida, if you use a gun, you'll face enhanced time in prison or mandatory minimum sentences. like ten years for showing a gun. 20 years for firing it and 25 to life if you injure or kill someone. california is the only other state to have this specific law. but a lot of other states have something called gun enhancement laws. they bump up the maximum time that you might spend in prison. the critics say the rules just don't leave room for interpretation and argue that a judge is better equipped to use his or her discretion when assigning prison time than say a legislature is. >> you would expect the blood in the sweatshirt, correct? >> reporter: many legal experts say the prosecutors may have to include those lesser charges for the jury to consider. maybe like manslaughter, which in this case carries a maximum sentence of 15 years. unless, of co
in the courtroom? did it make any sense to you? >> not really. i mean, it's sort of the law dim minute in this ca diminishing returns now. zimmerman's mom and uncle say those are his cries. i think that's okay f. you have close friends saying, okay, you know, those were his cries. but now you've got everybody but, you know, the mailman saying those were his cries, and i think the -- you know, the defense is in trouble now because what was very effective at one point now is sort of like a joke. everyone in the courtroom in the courthouse joking about it right now. so i think they have over stepped at this point. >> marsha, we were talking i think just last night about the idea of kind of over trying this case. do you think that's an example of over trying the case or are there other motives for bringing that person? >> it's always a danger when you over play your hand and i think they really played on this 911 call so heavily already, and then piling on with this last witness, which, you know, you've already made the point and so has mark, it's really obvious what they did with this witness. you c
're supposed to keep their mind open until they go into the deliberation room. anybody who practices trial law will tell you is that what actually happens is they make up their mind virtually as soon as the opening statement is finished. what ends up actually happening is if they've made up their mind and almost study shows that and virtually ever case i've ever tried shows that, they're going to look at this case through the prism of what they believe. if they believe and they want to found him not guilty, zimmerman not guilty, they're going to believe that was zimmerman. if they're going to find him guilty, they're going to believe and say they believe that it was trayvon martin. so i'm not so sure it's as much of a wash as the prism through which they're listening or looking that the evidence. >> there is forensic stuff to talk about, the judge ruling that the presence of thc in trayvon martin's systems will be allowed in. how can you compare these levels? >> first of allish think they had to bring it in because it's part of the autopsy report. it can't be separated. and the level is critic
blocking enforcement of new abortion laws requiring doctors have hospital admitting privileges if they perform abortions. >>> another setback for young sarah murnaghan. less than a month after receiving a second replacement lungs the 10-year-old girl developed pneumonia. her mother says after a very rough day her daughter is now more stable. last month a judge issued an order allowing sarah to be placed on the adult donor list. >>> finally, here we go, this say man's man, a fish tale, talk about the one who didn't get away. this guy's wife wanted fish for dinner so he jumped in the lake and catches a rainbow trout. we cannot confirmed if he caught the fish or pulled a fast one. lots of folks online are debating whether this is true or if it's just a really good fake. our resident fisherman chris cuomo here to respond. >> i use a pole. >> as do most fishermen or a net or a combo. >> i think it's cool and debate it all you want. looks cool to me. >> still good stuff. hope they had a good dinner. >>> let's do our political gut check coming straight out of washington first up, pres
. law enforcement talked to them on day one. they may have tested for drugs or alcohol in the system. south korean officials interviewed them on day two. now the big interview with ntsb, other investigators looking at the pilots. ntsb quick to point out, don't look at pilot error too quick, yet. there have been three similar crashes where planes landed short of the runway. in some cases, there was pilot error involved. in others, it was mechanical. they want to know everything before they make judgments about this. there's a lot of information out there to collect before they have a very clear idea of what happened here. michaela? >> certainly, the pilots, the instruments. we'll be following this. thank you for the report from san francisco. >>> three teenagers on board flight 214 are talking exclusively to cnn about their ordeal. 11-year-old sarah, her 11-year-old joseph and 15-year-old sister talked from san francisco general hospital. they talk about what happened after the planes crash landed. >> craziness. it was like we were all bouncing all over the place. i just remember ther
and clout their judgment as a jury, so i don't really see the real weight it brings to it, but the law allows for it to be presented because it was present in his system. >> so, we're set up for day 11, where we will hear, we could hear, about this evidence of marijuana in trayvon martin's system. wolf, this comes a day after we heard from a long list of witnesses who had good things to say, favorable things to say, about george zimmerman, as the defense lays out its case. >> and explain, george, why -- what's happening in the courtroom right now, this debate, this argument, between the defense and the prosecution over whether to release this computerized animation. clearly, the defense would like to release it, the prosecution, not so much. >> well, certainly, and when you look at it from the defense perspective, you know, this animation that schumaker has created, certainly, will explain their case, lay out all of the details that they've laid out in court. all of the information from the ballistics report, from the police report. it's highly favorable to the defense. prosecution wan
it comes to demonstrative evidence, florida law is very liberal when you're looking at opening statements and closing arguments because that's not evidence. but when you're actually trying to introduce something as evidence, evidence is very specific and must be very detailed, especially when you consider the appellate record that must be preserved. so in looking at this, this gentleman is testifying that he's basing a majority of this animation on consultation with the attorneys and not necessarily evidence that's actually been presented. i don't see how this works and i don't see how you can get around the argument that this is improper bolstering of a witness. >> sunny, i want you to weigh in because you told me earlier that if in fact the judge allows this animation to be shown, potentially it could be a game changer, it could really help the defense. >> absolutely. i mean, juries love demonstrations, they love visuals and what better than a computer animation of what happened that night. but i've got to tell you, wolf, i just -- i haven't seen this type of thing come in to a criminal
silverado all-star edition with a total value of $9,000. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. >>> welcome back, country star randy travis still in critical condition at a texas hospital. he's apparently recovering from a procedure to help his heart as he battles an infection. his rep says the 54-year-old singer had a ventricular assist device implanted. it's a kind of implanted heart that helps the heart move weakened blood through the body. >>> good news, america. we're no longer number one at being the most obese nation in the world. >> you may check those numbers, actually. >> it now belongs to mexico. about 70% of adults are considered overweight. a third are obese. and americans do not
. it doesn't mean he smoked that day. >> i love this issue. it finds its analogy in dui law. marijuana is a unique substance. when you test positive for thc, it's unlike other drugs in that it doesn't necessarily men mean you're intoxicated at that point if time. if you have alcohol in your system, you're intoxicated and shouldn't be driving. i still think this evidence should come in because it goes to a state of mind at the time this happened. that being said, i do see the prosecution's position on this particular point. >> and dr. kobilinsky, the level of thc is very, very low. >> that's true. in fact, in a regular smoker of cab cannabis, you would expect a background level of 1.5. if you do not have a regular smoker, it could indicate somebody smoked earlier in the day, perhaps six to eight hours earlier and that level would come down due to metabolism of the thc, you'd end up with 1.5. >> what introduction do you think the introduction of the to toxicology will have? thc -- marijuana doesn't make people violent, unless it's laced with pcp. >> exactly. it doesn't make you violent.
accident. ken law is "outfront." >> oh, my god. >> moments after asiana flight 214 crashed. hundreds of emergency rescuers rushed to the scene. more than 300 passengers and crew running. some pulled from the wreckage. many severely injured. some how in that chaos, a terrible collision. one of the two 16-year-old girls, struck by the very rescuers trying to save her. >> became aware to one of our fire battalion chiefs there was a possibility that one of the two fatalities might have been contacted by one of our apparatus. at an unknown point during the incident. >> i will say this. it was very, very hectic, very emergency mode at the crash site minutes after the airplane came to rest there was smoke inhalation. people were coming out of the fuselage as fast as they could. and i think people had to literally jump out of the other side of the airplane. there is just a lot of confusion. >> one of the girls appears to have been killed during the crash. but the coroner says what's not clear, whether the emergency vehicle caused the death of the other girl or it struck her after she had alr
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)